New features and product improvements

Move agenda items

It is now possible to move agenda items to future meetings. Any sub-items and attachments will be moved with the item. Please read our knowledge article.

Support for inviting B2C (private email addresses)

With this update we made sure that our infrastructure will support B2C (Business to consumer) accounts in the near future. This means that it is possible to invite guest users in the Azure AD who have a private consumer account to Easy2Meet meetings. Please read our knowledge article.

Filtering in tasks and decisions

In the Organizer, extra possibilities have been added to choose multiple options for certain filters. This concerns the filters for:

  • Tags
  • Meeting Types
  • Task Priority
  • Task Status

Please read our knowledge article.

Easier access to help functions

In the Organizer it is now possible to navigate to the Knowledge base with one click. From version 2.0 this will be available for the Windows, iOS and Android participant apps. Please read our knowledge article.

Other adjustments:

Additional verification step e-mail addresses participants
New conference participants will in some cases receive the message that their e-mail address needs to be verified when logging in to the apps. This change has been made to improve the level of security. The change mainly affects B2B and B2C (private email addresses) users. The user will receive an extra email containing a link. Clicking on this link will unlock the login.

Minutes hotfix
Due to a bug, it was possible to accidentally edit the preview minutes instead of the draft file. This caused confusion, with minutes getting lost. After this update, this problem has been solved. The preview file can no longer be opened by accident. In addition, it is now a PDF, so it can no longer be modified.

Notification email hotfix
As an organizer, you can choose to send an email in case of changes in a meeting. In some cases, this notification email appeared not to be sent. This problem has been solved.

Other hotfixes
Several minor issues have been reported recently that were bothering organizers. For instance, it was difficult to empty the location of a meeting. Also, some emails recently only showed the first name of the meeting organizer. All these minor issues have been addressed and resolved.